Click on the document listed below to read about how you may earn extra credit by submitting a drawing for the cover of the Science Awards program cover.

Here is the data to use for the Glacier Flubber Lab.

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Glaciers and Climate Change - Don't forget to scroll down past the videos to find out what we are doing in class! Look it is a glacier calving Time lapse of a glacier moving over a year

3/31/08 - Welcome back from spring break! We did a lab assessment in class today. We will begin a glacier Flubber lab tomorrow.

3/18/08 - Today we took the groundwater exam.
We will begin a unit on climate change and glaciers. Before we begin this unit, we will be watching An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore. Although much of the information presented in this video is accurate, it is very important to pay attention and verify information presented to you. There are 9 scientific errors that have been found in this movie. In the
UK schools are required to present these errors to their students prior to viewing this movie. Follow the link below and read about the nine errors found in this movie. Then, write a response to how you will actively watch and verify the information from An Inconvenient Truth. This must be written and turned in tomorrow, before you may watch the movie.