2/29/08 -
Today we will go over the animation homework. We will see a brief demo about salinity. Finally students will complete an active reading activity.
For an animation of the coriolis effect, click on the clink below.


We finished part I of our Salinity Missions. There will be a brief demo and completion of part II tomorrow.
In order to prepare for class tomorrow, please view the following animations and answer the questions below.
Bring these questions to class tomorrow written on lined loose leaf notebook paper.
1. Do you see any general patterns with ocean currents?

2. What are they?

3. Before you view this next animation, explain the coriolis effect.

4. Draw a sketch of upwelling and describe what is?

We took our Into to Water exam today.
We also viewed the short clip above as an introduction to oceans. In class students took notes on this video.
Students also worked on completing the first 6 objectives on page 482. This will be used to determine students prior knowledge about oceanography.

If time permits, students will also view the movie below: