EarthScienceNots GW Surface Water

Notes for surface and groundwater

Notes p. 502-504

Rivers and streams move or flow.
Water moves along a slope, from a high elevation to a low elevation.

Could you use your arm to demonstrate a steep slope versus a shallow slope?

What would have the highest slope, a mountain, or the surface of a lake?
The total land area that collects water for a river is called a watershed.In our area we are part of the watershed that contributes to the Des Plaines River.

On a grander scale, we contribute to the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River has many Tributaries (smaller rivers and streams) that feed into it.

An area of high elevation where a river or stream begins and collects snow and rain is called the headwater. This area typically has a very steep slope with a high velocity. This is where a waterfall would be likely to form.

At the end or mouth of a river, a delta may be formed. Here the river is usually very wide and discharges a great amount water along with sediment into the sea.

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