Groundwater and Surface Water - Notes

3/17/08- Study for the Exam tomorrow. Here is a reading guide that will help you!

3/13/08 - Notice the addition of Vocabulary for the wikispaces, these words are shown in italics.!
3/12/08 - Here is a copy of the Groundwater Power Point that we have done in class.

3/5/08 -

Today we continue to work on Introduction to Google Earth. Once this is complete, we used Google Earth to investigate different stream features. Homework tonight is to find and save images of these stream features. These will need to be saved in an image format and brought to class tomorrow. We will be using these images to create our own groundwater and surface water notes.
Pictures to find:

  • Headwater
  • Mouth
  • Delta
  • Slope
  • Watershed
  • Drainage Basin
  • Velocity
  • Meandering
  • Erosdion
  • Cutbanks
  • Riffle
  • Point bar
  • Aquifer
  • groundwater
  • Porosity
  • Permeability
  • Spring
  • Runoff
  • Unconfined aquifer
  • Confined Aquifer
  • Water Table
  • Zone of Saturation
  • Zone of Aeration

3/4/08 -
We took the Oceans Exam today. We also began an introduction to using Google Earth. We will be using Google Earth to explore different landscapes and water patterns through satellite imagery. Google Earth is a free download and is a very fun and useful tool. Give it a shot... Can you find your house? How about the beaches in Austraila, or the peaks of mountains in India?
Homework read p. 502-504 and do your choice of notes.

Fun Groundwater Cartoon -

external image greenberg21.jpg