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We have moved onto our glaciers and climate change unit. Please visit this page for more detailed information about day to day activities, projects and homework.


We have moved onto groundwater. Please visit the groundwater page for more information.

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Link to Earthquake Notes

Earthquake Pics from UK Jan 27th earthquake

2/27/08 -

Become a Vitual Seismologist Activity in class


Homework: Write Interview Questions


We did a slinky lab to simulate waves today. For homework complete the rest of the reading guide questions in your packet. These questions cover the earthquake chapter through page 373. I will be collecting pages 3-13 of your packet tomorrow.
If you were not here on Tuesday, here is a link to a powerpoint to complete pages 3 and 4 in your packet.

You will also need to complete page 5 in your packet. Links to the wave simulations are given at the top of the page.


We have an exam on chapter 10 tomorrow. If you would like to take a practice quiz, click on the document below.

Here is an applet that reviews strike and dip as well.


2/7/08- We will continue to work on our structure movie maker projects. For homework visit the structure geology page and follow the directions.

Post a response to the discussion board under the thread ACT Science Exam... User name and login, are posted under the ACT thread

12/7/07- Hello Geology :)
I have been feeling really crummy. I am sorry that I have not been able to come to school. I anticipate a restful weekend and to see all of you Monday morning. Here is the document you will need for the class period. Thank you for your hard work and great behavior while you have a sub. See you Monday!
Be sure to complete this and drop it in the dropbox. That is the M drive under abohac.

12/4/07 -
We continue to work on Watershed Dynamics: A GIS INbvestigation of Water Resources in North America
For homework this evening, please complete the extension activity located on page 34. The directions and questions are as follows:
Thus far, this investigation has focused only on examining the total amount of yearly precipitation that the continental United States receives. As you worked through this investigation you may have wondered why different regions get different amounts of precipitation. Find out what factors influence precipitation patterns. Search Earth and Environmental science books, and web sites to find the answers to the following questions:

1. Identify seven climate control factors that influence precipitation patterns. Explain how each climate control factor influences precipitation patterns and provide a specific example of an area in the US that is affected by this factor.

2. Why is it significantly drier on the east side of the west coast mountain ranges of Washington, Oregon and California than the west side of these mountain ranges?

3. What factors cause the Pacific Northwest to receive so much precipitation?

4. What factors cause the Southeast to receive more precipitation thatn the rest of the eastern half of the country?

11/27/07 - We finished investigation I in the GIS packet. We also created concept maps using the information brainstormed in class. We used www.bubbl.us to create these concept maps.Homework:
Look at the image located at this address:
Answer the following 3 questions:
1. Does your concept map depict all of the main components of the water cycle shown in the diagram? Identify and describe the water cycle processes that are not depicted on your concept map.

2. How does your concept map depict more detailed information about local water availability than this generalized water cycle map?

3. Describe how you could improve your concept map based upon the information depicted in the water cycle diagram.

11/15/07 - Test Day

Have a Happy Thanksgiving
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11/13/07-11/14/07 Notes for igneous and volcano units

Notice that these are not the notes from class. These are well written notes from other geology classes. You may find the source website of these notes very helpful while studying for your exam on Friday. Also try the tests from the following websites:
http://www.geology.sdsu.edu/how_volcanoes_work/Home.html as well as the text website http://wps.prenhall.com/esm_tarbuck_earth_8/19/5072/1298621.cw/index.html
Submit scores of 80% or better to my email abohac@maine207.org
Remember your study guide is due when you walk into class.
You may use a 4X6 notecard front and back on the exam:)

Another very useful site :) Easy to navigate http://www.geology.sdsu.edu/visualgeology/geology101/
If you are not here on Friday, you will have to make up the exam when you come back from break. However, please keep in mind that the make up exam will be all essay and will be more difficult than the exam given Friday.

Here is a crossword puzzle that also may help you review for the exam.

11/9/07 Here is the link for the chapter test

Try this out...It is a great indicator of how well you know the chapter.
Here are some links to course notes from other geology classes

We will work on our websites on Tuesday.

11/8/07 Please Pay ATTENTION !!!

Any form of plagarism will receive a 0
Almost all of the responses in the discussion board have been plagarized and will receive 0 credit. This is an enormous
problem that has run rampant in this class. Please read the following words about plagarism on the following site http://www.plagiarism.org/learning_center/what_is_plagiarism.html
This is the last warning I will give before I start assigning 0 points for these discussion board posts.
You must repost a reply to my questions in your own words. This applies to anyone who has posted a reply.
I will not give credit for your posts if the questions are not answered with the content and manner I have requested.

Happy Homecoming Week

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